Best practices for streamlining operations
and enhancing security across your asset portfolio

With ThoughtWire & ioTium

Software solutions to make your built environment smarter, safer and more efficient

Best practices for streamlining Your Operations and Enhancing Your Security Across Building Portfolio with ioTium and ThoughtWire

When? June 25, 2019 @ 1 PM (EST)
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We hear and talk a lot about smart buildings. While the benefits of energy and sustainability, operational efficiency, and enhanced occupant experience from smart buildings are compelling, even the most experienced commercial, corporate and institutional organizations face significant barriers related to security and deployment complexities.

Join this webinar and hear how ioTium and ThoughtWire solutions can enable you to connect and automate your building, technology and energy systems to transform the way you manage your facility. By connecting to these systems, streamlining your operations, you can reduce operating costs, improve occupancy services and minimize security risks.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of setting the right foundation for your smart building  
  • How to simplify deployment of new technologies 
  • How to rapidly scale smart infrastructure across your entire portfolio 
  • How to iteratively unlock operational excellence and workplace experience outcomes


Ron Victor - CEO, ioTium

Franco Castaldini - CCO, ThoughtWire

Patrick Paulino - Product Manager, ThoughtWire

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