Digital Twin for the Built Environment:  What is it?  What is it Not?

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Join our panel of industry experts from ExxonMobil, Microsoft and Newcomb & Boyd -  hosted by ThoughtWire.

The term "Digital Twin" is cropping up everywhere. Is it just another buzzword or is it really here to stay? The consensus is a resounding YES. In fact, trends suggest that we’re on the verge of a Digital Twin explosion.

Research by Gartner has found that 48% of organizations using IoT are also using or plan to use Digital Twins. Moreover, 50% of large manufacturers will have at least one Digital Twin initiative launched by the end of 2020, and the number of organizations using Digital Twins will triple by 2022. So, what is Digital Twin Technology and how can it be used?

During this webinar our expert panel will take a deeper dive into what a Digital Twin for the Built Environment is, and is not. Some of the topics that will be discussed include:

  • What is and is not a Digital Twin
  • Importance of a Modern Data Strategy
  • Digital Twin Use Cases and Value to Commercial Real Estate

When? Thursday July 16th, 1PM EST

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----- Speakers -----

emmanuel danielEmmanuel Daniel, Director, Applied Innovation & Incubation, Smart Buildings & Campuses - Microsoft

Emmanuel is responsible for building and delivering the Digital Transformation strategy for campuses across Microsoft and leads a global multidisciplinary team of architects and experience designers.

He builds experiences that merge technology with the built the environment, leading to the formation of spaces that respond to the needs of it users. As part of this role he is also accountable for identifying, building & implementing the next generation of products that will make Smarter & Sustainable Buildings.


Charles-Whiteley 02Charles Whiteley, Digital Lead for Environmental & Property Solutions (E&PS) - ExxonMobil

Charles Whiteley is the digital lead for Environmental & Property Solutions (E&PS) at ExxonMobil. He manages digital strategy for the CRE portfolio, including master planning and strategy, global projects, facilities and environmental. The E&PS organization in total manages ~25M square feet of CRE across the globe. He is also responsible for ExxonMobil’s strategies tied to smart buildings, digitally connected workers and resident experience. The primary driver behind Charles’ role is maximizing the value that CRE generates for the firm’s business lines.


Paul M. MaximukPaul M. Maximuk, Senior Intelligent Building Consultant - Newcomb & Boyd

Paul Maximuk is a Senior Intelligent Building consultant at Newcomb & Boyd with over 30 years of experience in the HVAC/BMS and intelligent building technologies.  He is a Technical SME specializing in building management, Smart building technologies and energy reduction. He now focuses his expertise in data centers, higher education and commercial real estate portfolios.  Additionally, he is a problem solver finding the root cause of why systems do not operate at their peak efficiency.

Previously he was integrated in a converged team of IT and OT team members within a Fortune 500 company as a PDO Product Owner and technical SME for connected building systems including BMS, energy management systems and building automation controls.  His role encompassed  researching smart technologies for  the IT/OT team to evaluate through a decision matrix including proof of concept testing within that corporation’s IT infrastructure.  Technologies reviewed included spatial utilization sensors, asset tracking, digital twin, wayfinding, advanced energy modeling and predictive analytics platforms.




Kyle Tooke, National Director of Sales - ThoughtWire

Kyle drives growth and new business initiatives for our corporate and CRE partners. He has an expansive background in proptech and B2B consulting. In his current role, Kyle works with real estate organizations to realize a path towards unlocking the potential of their portfolio through leveraging digital twin technology. 

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