Take your smart building program from idea to reality with ThoughtWire's Smart Building Starter Kit.

We take the guesswork out of launching a successful smart building technology strategy. 

Get started with three floors for three months



Start Small

Start with just three floors in any IP enabled asset within your portfolio


Set Goal Criteria

Align on goals as step one to maximize benefit of the program and evaluate results after three months


Scale Seamlessly

Starter Kit costs can be applied as a credit for upgrade to production 

Choose a package that fits your needs


Building Optimization

For landlords

Get full visibility into a building’s end-to-end operations and complete command and control over operations. In real-time. From anywhere.

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Try Both

Recommended Option

Get the most of your investment by implementing both PrecisionHub and @WorkApp. The feedback and interplay between our Smart Building applications allows facilities managers and digital workplace leaders to understand how employee actions impact building operations and vice versa.

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Occupant Experience

 For tenants

Create a truly seamless workplace experience. Enable a modern workplace experience to meet the needs of a new generation of workers. 

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Must have requirements

In order to create an easy-to-implement Starter Kit we've restricted participation based on a few dependencies. This makes it easier for you and for the ThoughtWire team to get started quickly. 

Building System Integration

Choose up to 3 subsystems to connect within your commercial building. Examples include BAS, Lighting, Security, Network etc. 

Building systems selected must be IP enabled

Systems must be able to connect via common protocols including BACnet and SMTP for HVAC controls and BACnet, Telnet, or SMTP for lighting controls.

Client will provide read/write access to “fully-commissioned subsystems.” Fully Commissioned subsystems means that all associated assets/devices are fully functional and accurately communicating data.

Client Support

The Client will share detailed floor plans in AutoCAD format that are current and readable on a laptop or tablet screen.

A project manager and technical resources is required for the program

Upon request, the Client will facilitate and mediate the communication as well as information exchange between subsystem vendors to support ThoughtWire data integration.

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