Augmented Intelligence

The Digital Key to Healthcare's Future

Software solutions to make your built environment smarter, safer and more efficient

Ever wondered how to make sense of AI, ML, and IoT? Feeling fatigued by the endless promises to transform your hospital using algorithms and black box analytics? Listen to our webinar replay on Augmented Intelligence - the practical application of emerging technology to solve real problems now. 

In this webinar we’ll discuss what it means to Augment Intelligence in you smart hospital operations. You want to “augment” the intelligence of your workforce by giving them contextual information to either support decision making or automate processes - AI and analytics alone is not enough you need context.

  • What is augmented intelligence and why it’s been more successful than AI 
  • How to manage stakeholders and create a process for change management
  • Learn how HHS reduced code blue calls by 62%

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Healthcare Webinar Augmented Intelligence


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