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Predict and preempt critical events, optimize workflows, improve patient care and reduce staff burnout 

Software solutions to make your built environment smarter, safer and more efficient

Smart Hospital Digital Twin Brochure

ThoughtWire’s Digital Twin is powered by our proprietary super fast in-memory graph database so you can work in real-time.

Not simply a digital mock-up of the physical environment, our Digital Twin is the contextual model of an entire organization and its operation. It’s the data from your clinical systems and the real-time interaction between people, process and connected things. ThoughtWire’s Digital Twin powers your most important outcomes – improving clinical workflows, hospital operations, and enhancing the patient experience.

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  • How to build a real-time, context aware engine.
  • How Digital Twin improves clinical workflows, hospital operations, and enhances the patient experience.

  • About our unique suite of software applications that transform hospitals into people-centric buildings.

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