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Decoding ROI for Smart Buildings

Software solutions to make your built environment smarter, safer and more efficient

Unlocking business value with ThoughtWire’s Smart Building Suite of applications

The rise of connected things within smart buildings has led many CRE firms to embark on a new kind of digital transformation. One that relies on the promise of IoT devices and the data they generate to create a better working environment for tenants while pushing to optimize building operations even further. However, despite significant investment in IoT platforms, the ROI for many organizations has been elusive, particularly because IoT platforms require significant development costs to address their business potential.

Many organizations grapple with complex workflows, siloed data sources, lack of relevant data, absence of predictive analytics, and a fundamental lack of a people-centric approach. ThoughtWire’s application suites are aimed at unlocking the true value of connected things in built environments, yielding cost savings, an increase in asset value, and an improved experience for a built environment.

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Making your building smarter with ThoughtWire means:

  • A more cost-efficient blended model of both on-site staff and remote operations
  • Real-time actionable information to help you save on energy costs
  • Faster provisioning of tenants
  • Higher tenant retention and satisfaction
  • New value creation
  • Capital savings

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