Leveraging a Smart Building Digital Twin to drive more

Efficient Operations and a Better Workplace Experience

Software solutions to make your built environment smarter, safer and more efficient

Leveraging a Smart Building Digital Twin to drive more Efficient Operations and a better Workplace Experience

In this webinar we’re taking a deeper look at how commercial real estate leaders, facilities management, property teams and workplace experience leaders can align their objectives using a single source of truth - the Smart Building Digital Twin.

ThoughtWire’s Digital Twin is a robust, semantic model that changes how we think about people, process and space in the built environment. This model powers PrecisionHub and @WorkApp to create a seamless experience for both operators and occupants of Smart Buildings. 

In this product webinar you will learn about:

  • Our Digital Twin for Built Environment, what is the digital twin, why does it matter, and how does ThoughtWire’s Digital Twin work
  • Dive into how the Digital Twin powers specific insights in PrecisionHub and allows both operators and occupants to have more control of their space
  • You’ll hear about important recent updates made to our Smart Building Suite products @WorkApp and PrecisionHub
  • And upcoming functionality and what it means for you

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