ThoughtWire and Schneider Electric Powered Digital Hospital 


Bridging the gap between core clinical operations and facility infrastructure services

Software solutions to make your built environment smarter, safer and more efficient


Hospitals are complex environments in both their structure and function. An optimally designed hospital structure needs to accommodate the use of sophisticated equipment, allow for rapid responses to emergencies, as well as provide peaceful spaces for patients to heal and the clinical staff to work. The mechanical and physical infrastructure of the hospital should support these functions through thoughtful design that includes built-in protection against human errors and infrastructure failures that can lead to adverse patient events.

This built-in protection comes in the form of an intelligent integrated platform that can help save patients’ lives and hospitals millions of dollars.


The joint ThoughtWire and Schneider Electric solution connects non-core services of building infrastructure with the clinical process of healthcare delivery, providing deeper insight into the environment of care.

ThoughtWire’s platform orchestrates data from the built environment such as electrical, HVAC and security with clinical information to create a safer, more comfortable experience for patients while also helping to reduce energy spend. By bringing together data from a variety of sources, ThoughtWire’s platform is able to create a Digital Twin of the building and it’s operations. This context-rich model enables smart workflows to be created that connect the right people with the data they need to drive better outcomes.

This solution improves real-time operations, by helping clinicians and hospital staff react more efficiently moving eventually to a more predictive model of both care and operations.

Schneider Electric's advanced analytics improve infrastructure resilience and reliability of the building, while ThoughtWire's applications predict and prevent critical clinical events. Together, they ensure critical non-core alerts are provided to the right people, clinical and facilities, patients are kept safe and avoidable adverse events are mitigated. 

The Benefits

  • Quicker responses to patient and facility alerts by providing the right information to the right person to make the best decision

  • Automating processes to improve operations by leveraging technology and workflows

  • Greater visibility into the usage and performance of the total healthcare operations across facility and caregivers

  • More optimally built environment for staff and patients

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