We care about people, not just the data.

Platfrom WhitepaperData integration and interoperability is not a new problem for most organizations. It’s not specific to a single department or type of organization– it’s pervasive and manifests differently depending on the use case at hand.

Since the discovery of this problem many have tried in earnest to ‘solve’ it, an entire marketplace of tools and platforms created to tackle this issue. Our company began with this challenge in mind, in particular for healthcare, where the cost of the integration and interoperability challenge is not only felt by people delivering care or running health systems but you and me – people who visit hospitals for our medical needs. It moved the problem from the realm of IT, spreadsheets, and frustrated people looking at dashboards to the breakneck speed of care delivery in an emergency department or the meticulous preparation in perioperative environments. The stakes were higher and the problem manifested differently than in other industries, so we too had to take a different approach. Integration tools would not suffice.

Layer on top of this paradigm that connected devices or IoT have created an even more complex data environment – the challenge grew exponentially. In this white paper you’ll learn how this close examination of the integration problem led to the creation of our award-winning and proprietary underlying technology that puts data to work for people in complex built-environments.