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Finding the right solutions for Building and Office Intelligence

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Defining Building and Office Intelligence

Our industry is facing an inflection point, organizations are implementing and piloting smart technology from the base building to tenant facing applications and the landscape has never been more crowded.

Not only is the landscape of solutions crowded but no consistent definitions, standards or best practices exist - adding to the complexity of pursuing smart building initiatives. UUI, FDD, IoT, AI/ML...it can all be a little confusing.

Watch this on demand webinar featuring our expert, Mike Prsa, Principal and Vice President at Mulvey & Banani, a leading engineering consulting firm and Franco Castaldini, Chief Commercial Officer at ThoughtWire for a deep dive on the four pillars of Building and Office Intelligence and how you can get started. 

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Defining building and office intelligence - what it is and what it means for your building or interior fit-up
  • Emerging trends shaping CRE tech now
  • The ‘killer’ use cases delivering true value
  • The risks associated with not jumping on board today
  • Getting started - best practices for mapping your journey

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