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Smart Building Pilot Project

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eBook: A 12-step guide to designing a Smart Building Pilot Project that succeeds


ThoughtWire Pilot ProjectSmart Buildings are on the rise. Occupants are asking for a more connected and frictionless experience at work. Tenants and operators want to leverage technology to streamline their processes and work smarter. And building owners want greater insight into what’s happening within their four walls to remain competitive in the market.

The demand for smart buildings is strong. However, transforming a CRE space into a smart building takes time, resources and change management.

That’s where a pilot project comes in. 

Before you jump right in and make a major investment in Smart Building technology, a pilot project can be used to test the waters. It can help determine if a technology is right for your users. It can pave the way to user acceptance.

If you’re considering running a pilot project in your CRE building, there are some things you should know. This guide aims to walk you through 12 critical steps that, when implemented with intention, will ensure a successful pilot project.

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