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Make your hospital smarter, safer and more efficient.

Challenges for today’s hospitals include bottlenecks in preventing and preempting high-acuity events and high patient wait times. Tasks take multiple clinicians, nurses, and doctors several steps to accomplish across multiple subsystems. By bringing them together using ThoughtWire’s unique Smart Hospital applications, you can optimize workflows, improve patient care and reduce staff burnout. Our OPM apps optimize the day-to-day lives of doctors, nurses and clinicians at work.

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Webinar: Augmented Intelligence 

Healthcare Webinar Augmented Intelligence

In this webinar we’ll discuss what it means to Augment Intelligence in you smart hospital operations. You want to “augment” the intelligence of your workforce by giving them contextual information to either support decision making or automate processes - AI and analytics alone is not enough, you need context. Click here to watch.