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Digital Twin Brochure:

A Guide to improving building operations and enhancing the workplace experience.

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Today, the data environment of built environments is incredibly siloed. Data repositories for operational information, financial data, and tenant applications lack any meaningful integration.

In addition, the proliferation of data generated by IoT devices has further exacerbated the problem. Organizations want to be more data-driven and less siloed but lack the tools to derive meaningful insight from their disparate data sets.

Download the Brochure to learn:

  • How to build a real-time, context aware engine 
  • Gain remote visibility and control across multiple asset portfolios
  • Understand the impact of issues or outages in real-time

Download this free Digital Twin Brochure and learn what you must do now in order to stay ahead of the competition.



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Workplace experience is quickly becoming the competitive advantage for attracting top talent, tenants, and clients. Deliver the modern, tech-enabled, and frictionless experience building occupants expect with ThoughtWire’s applications. 

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PrecisionHub unshackles building and facility managers from their desk to enable them to do more with the data collected within the built environment.