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Reducing the friction in accessing patient data.

To date, LTC eConnect has been rolled out to 400+ Long-Term Care Homes in Ontario, and over 3,400 authorized users can now easily access residents’ health information to support care delivery. This represents nearly half of the LTC homes in Ontario.

Through establishing a flexible platform that connected the provincial key assets, overwhelmingly positive responses have come from staff and clinicians who have adopted the LTC eConnect solution.

Clinicians have reported:LTC-eConnect-Case-Study-1

  • Greater access to residents’ health information in real-time – especially upon resident admission or transfer, established through simplified sign on to access all data;
  • Easier access to labs, diagnostics, discharge summaries and drug data;
  • Ease of use during medication reconciliation and access to a more complete health profile during the patient assessment period;
  • Expanded use of information due to strong alignment with existing clinical workflows supported by prevention controls for viewing non-authorized patient data;
  • Improved privacy and audit logging to monitor staff usage and access of the electronic health record.

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