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Create spaces your tenants and employees will love with the @WorkApp

Software solutions to make your built environment smarter, safer and more efficient

Workplace experience is quickly becoming the competitive advantage for attracting top talent, tenants, and clients. Deliver the modern, tech-enabled, and frictionless experience building occupants expect by unlocking the value from your existing smart investments with ThoughtWire’s applications. 

@WorkApp enables people to:

  • Empower your people. Manage and maximize comfort in the workplace 
  • Enable spatial intelligence and wayfinding. Location visibility helps facility managers pinpoint issues and work orders, while wayfinding assists tenants in emergency situations or just finding their way around.
  • Increase engagement and communication. Engage occupants through community management features, sustainability tracking, and health and wellness initiatives that help achieve WELL, Fitwel and LEED compliance.
  • Support smarter work digitally. Digital is no longer a choice, it's status quo. Enable tenants to easily book flexible spaces and meeting rooms using their phones.
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@WorkApp Demo - ThoughtWire


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