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Building optimization made easy with PrecisionHub

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Imagine having relevant data at your fingertips, systems that tune themselves, and control over everything. It’s possible with PrecisionHub, your central point of command and control to optimize building operations. Give your building and facility managers visibility into a building’s end-to-end operations from anywhere. That means you can optimize operations and tenant experience in real-time and take preemptive or remote action to reduce energy usage based on occupancy information, drill down in to alerting subsystems to discover root cause, or take safety measures like building lockdown.

PrecisionHub unshackles building and facility managers from their desk to enable them to do more with the data collected within the built environment:

  • Increase visibility with a single source of truth of building operations - The Smart Building Digital Twin

  • Remotely monitor the building and take remote action through bi-directional control of building systems

  • Automate processes like environmental settings, tenant onboarding and access controls

  • Collaborate with building staff, operators and cleaners in real-time.


PrecisionHub Demo Video 

PrecisionHub demo video

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