Better Workplace Experiences Mean Better Business Outcomes


Good workplace experience is critical

A recent study by Gartner found that only 11% of workers are completely satisfied with their workspace (Crafting Workspaces That Enhance the Employee Experience, Dec 2017).

That number is shockingly low. A poor workplace experience not only affects employees’ day-to-day lives, but also workplace productivity and business outcomes.  

In fact, consider this:

  • 81% of workers have trouble concentrating if the indoor temperature is too high and 62% say that it would take 25% longer to conduct a task if the temperature is too hot, says a study by the World Green Building Council.Screenshot 2019-01-08 17.38.23

  • Broken, slow or glitchy products, are the biggest time-wasters for office workers and 58% of people would rather have internet-of-things solutions, augmented/virtual reality tools, or AI-assisted features, rather than low tech perks, said a study by Penn Schoen Berland.

  • On the flip side, employees who are given individual control over temperature and light levels (as compared with traditional wall-mounted controls) were more engaged, found a study by Purdue University and Jones Lang Lasalle.

In a digital era, building occupants are expecting more: an inspiring environment, seamless processes and a world-class workplace experience. They’re looking for digitally-enabled, modern and flexible workplaces with advanced comfort controls and amenities.

The good news is: it’s entirely possible to provide an incredible workplace experience and stamp out workplace productivity killers for good.


Meet @WorkApp, the workplace application

A commercial real estate (CRE) building is full of connected or connectable things that can be unified to provide a better workplace experience for employees. Every building has the potential to move beyond efficiency of operations and become a digitally-enabled space people will love.

The @WorkApp is our popular workplace experience application that does just that.

@WorkApp works to solve your toughest challenges and remove workplace productivity blockers. It helps future-proof your portfolio and create a happy, healthy and productive experience for everyone.


Benefits of a workplace experience app

By bringing together people, data and things with our workplace application, everyone benefits from a more intelligent office environment.

  • Empower your people. Let employees put the 'office sweater' away for good. Manage lighting and temperature to maximize comfort at work. More comfort = more workplace productivity.Screenshot 2019-01-25 12.25.52

  • Provide smart profiles and settings. Allow employees to identify themselves in the system and save their profile and comfort settings so the environment learns over time from user actions. Building managers can utilize this information to help save energy costs or redesign spaces for optimal usage.

  • Enable spatial intelligence and wayfinding. Provide precise location visibility to assist facility managers in addressing employee issues and enable powerful wayfinding in emergencies.

  • Increase engagement and communication. Engage tenants through community management features, sustainability tracking, and health and wellness initiatives that help achieve WELL and LEED compliance.

  • Support smarter work digitally. Digital is no longer a choice, it's status quo. Enable workspace productivity by allowing employees and tenants to easily book flexible spaces and meeting rooms using their phones.

CRE Brochure update@WorkApp also works seamlessly with our second smart building app, PrecisionHub, to provide even more benefits. PrecisionHub lets building and facility managers optimize operations and workplace experiences in real-time by providing visibility into a building’s end-to-end operations, plus complete command and control over operations. That means you can optimize operations and tenant experience in real-time and take preemptive or remote actions for your building’s entire operational value chain.

Whether used individually or together, our OPM applications enable real business outcomes that unlock the true potential of your smart building. By eliminating workplace productivity killers, optimizing workspaces and engaging employees, employers can both attract and delight star employees -- leading to better business outcomes.


Implementing a workplace experience app is easier than you think

Design a building that aligns with your brand. Attract and retain the top talent. Delight employees with cool workspaces that truly defines the future of work. Optimize workflows, get better visibility and respond to issues with lightning speed.

It’s easier than you think.

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“There is a clear need for continued innovation in the way we operate, utilize and optimize buildings that can offer the industry a rapid path to digital transformation. ThoughtWire’s data-driven approach answers that need. The ability to connect multiple building systems, effectively linking people, process, and things promises to deliver sustainable relationships between landlord and tenants while driving measurable operational efficiencies”
Michael Huaco

Michael Huaco

VP, Global Workplace and Real Estate, UBER